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sahakaar- Credit cooperative society software

An Educational Institution Management Software can use to store data related to the students. It can make available the reliable software facility to record data of students. We can mould our software according to user’s requirement. Through this Software we can endow with the Attendance Management, Exam Management, Fees Management, and also Library Management facility to the user. It can manage and compute all the transaction very easily.

The main features of Educational Institution Management Software are as under:

Student Management and Fees:

  1. Complete School Related information
  2. Multi School Support
  3. Complete Student Detail
  4. Complete Information of Student from Admission to TC
  5. Fee format as per School requirement
  6. School Fees can be taken in different groups
  7. Fee Receipt as per school required format
  8. Student due report in detailed and summarized format
  9. Class wise due report in two formats
  10. Individual slip print for each student for fees due
  11. Examination admit card report as per fees paid/due
  12. Day book of total fees receipts in given date
  13. Student information in Eight different formats
  14. Summarized report of students for complete school
  15. Student wise / class wise Posting register

Vehicle Management

  1. Complete detail of Vehicle /Vehicle owner
  2. Complete detail and vehicle fees of students who r coming in vehicle
  3. Vehicle detail changeable as per school format
  4. Area wise detail of Student/Vehicle
  5. Payment facility of Vehicles

Book Stationary Management

  1. Item Group, Item creation facility
  2. Class wise Item define facility
  3. Automatically Bill cutting facility for students buying Books/stationary as per there class
  4. Different types of report for Stock

Accounts Management

  1. Complete accounting
  2. Cash book, Ledger A/cs
  3. Direct entry from School fees module
  4. All types of entry facility like Journal, Receipt, Payment, Contra etc
  5. Trial Balance in three different formats
  6. Income Expenditure/P/L a/c in three formats
  7. Balance Sheet in different formats
  8. Bank Reconciliation statement
  9. Complete Ledger printing

Exam Management and Payroll Management

  1. Complete details of Teachers
  2. Subject and Group of Subjects
  3. Teacher and Subject linking
  4. School Event calendar
  5. Student Attendance
  6. Different types of Attendance report
  7. Examination marks entry group wise
  8. Marks edit option,lock option available
  9. Different types of report of exam
  10. Subjectwise Merit List
  11. Rank order List
  12. Student Mark sheet through software
  13. Customize Marksheet generation
  14. Dynamic Tabulation Sheet
  15. Subjectwise Exam wise Tabulation Sheet
  16. Payroll of Teachers
  17. Wages Register/Slip
  18. Salary Sheet

Library Management

  1. Complete details of Books
  2. Books Status & Stock
  3. Membership wise Transaction
  4. Book Transaction (Issue & Return)
  5. Book Transaction (Issue & Return)
  6. Books Searching Through different criteria
  7. Books Moving report
  8. Rack wise report
  9. Members Detail

Dynamic Time Table Management

  1. Period Management
  2. Time Table Creation
  3. Reports related to Time Table


  1. Common Task With Reporting
  2. Exam Duty Register
  3. Exam Absense Record Register
  4. Exam Time Table
  5. Sitting Plan
A complete online credit cooperative society software.

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