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The school needs a well designed ERP system that helps in controlling the work of all departments of the school. The SchoolERP system is developed in such a way that it manages all operations in an organized way. Here, we discuss features why we need an educational ERP software for schools

Professionalism in Work:- SchoolERP system can ensure professionalism at all levels of the organization. It introduced a platform that easily manages the manual function through ERP system. This reduces the work pressure on the employee and avoids the paperwork. It brings coherency in the system.

Integration among various departments:-School has various individual functions in which some function is independent and some dependent on each other. By integration of the entire department, all the department function is synchronized with the other and this is beneficial for the management.

Accountability:- With SchoolERP system, the management of school can easily monitor the financial reports and other function of the schools. The administration cannot do away with their responsibility and with the software system they can easily manage all the responsibility with accuracy.

Cost Cutting and Time Saving:-The cost of managing the school manually becomes massive and one of the important factors that involve in this is the paperwork that causes the rise in the stationary cost. SchoolERP software brings down the paperwork and reduces the cost burden of the management to a larger extent.

Clarity & Transparency in the System:-School management is accountable to various regulatory authorities like tax authority & audit department. SchoolERP software stored data on the secure system and it brings transparency and accountability to a large extent.

Updated With Latest Technology:- SchoolERP is not just about school management, but it has many other aspects, like it opted GPS technology and Biometric which is integrated with the ERP and this help school to keep a close watch on school in a better way. Such type of features empowers the management in a better way.

With so many advantages, to implement the SchoolERP software in school becomes a great deal. However, the educational ERP software is developed by extensive search and tries to meet the requirement of school in a better way. So , SchoolERP software tries to fulfill all the requirement of the school administration.

The old ways of recording data in schools are changing because of its difficulty. Using different software for different purpose has also become mundane (One software for admission process, another for fee maintenance, etc.). The new way of doing this accustomed task is to engage school management software. It helps to record and maintain all information related to an educational institution very easily. Here we discuss some features of PRADHYOT which makes it superior.

Student Management & Fee:-Pradhyot SchoolERP has advantages of its own as it provides multi school support and maintains details of all the students from admission to TC. It helps you to track down all the student’s fee details, fee receipt as per the school requirement software.

Scheduling Events:-Scheduling events is a very time consuming and hectic work. Pradhyot creates time table and reports related to it, it also manages exam dates and teacher-subject linking.

Library Management:-A separate library management software is not needed now, Pradhyot SchoolERP manages all the details related to books, book transaction, searching through different terms, member details and a lot more.

Transportation Management:-Transportation is another important department of school. Pradhyot SchoolERP manages this very well. It allows to store all the details of vehicle and its owner , area wise complete details of students linked up with the vehicles they opt for.

Accounts Management:-Maintaining systematic accounts is very necessary. This involves highly professional and error free skills. Pradhyot SchoolERP offers high range of accounts management services.