Sahakaar is an online multi state credit cooperative society software which is excellent in its own niche. Sahakaar is .net based centralized database online software for credit cooperative societies with core banking operations and system. It is the complete browser based software in which different and many important features have been incorporated. It has inculcated Loan Handheld Machine Connectivity, Passbook Printing, Customer Advisor Login and many more. It is the complete online and anywhere banking solution with High Security, Easy Access, Fast Run Time, Low Cost and User Friendly.

The credit cooperative societies have members who deposit a certain amount every month which is called compulsory deposit. The fund is then used to lending out to the members of the society under different schemes and interest rates. Just like a bank, interest is applied to the let out amount and recovered from the members. Hence to carry out the banking process in the precise way, Sahakaar, i.e. multi state credit cooperative society software has been generated.

It is also provided with debit or credit entries in the account, day book, balance sheet, profit & loss statements, signature and photo scanning, secure login ID, loan installment calculation, dashboard management, sms alerts and many more. The main aim of our multi state credit cooperative software is to provide the banking availability and convenience to all consumers and people throughout the world. It is complete centralized software, means all branches are centralized and is easy to upgrade to our existing clients with complete support, training and guidance.

Sahakaar provides number of “RD & “FD” plans, commission distribute to agent as per his rank and rapid or personalized response. Our banking services guarantee the maximization of the values from your products.  It is 100% compatible to different kinds of marketing plans carrying distinct amounts.

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