Sahakaar is the well reputed and worth online software for the credit cooperative societies in which core banking operations are being incorporated like Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Daily Deposit Schemes, Monthly Income Schemes, Dividend Declarations and many more. It has also integrated General Accounting Module with Cash-Bank Book, Journal Entries, General Ledgers, Trial Balance, Day Book, Fix Deposit, Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet etc. It is fully secured database with role based security implementations.

Many processes have been centralized at the Head Office (HO) level where the servers are hosted. It maintains the Branch identity and thus it provides easy upgrade to our existing clients with complete support, training and guidance. Credit cooperative societies are community-based organizations that care not only about the bottom lines of their businesses but also the needs of their members and the quality of life in their communities. Sahakaar is the highest level online credit cooperative software provided by us. If you want to start a credit cooperative society with a high banking security based software, we offer you the best services. We provide globally services for credit cooperative society in India. We provide the software with the following features-

  • Multi-State: It can manage all the states and respective branches.
  • Multi-Operator: It can create any number of operators to work on software and you can provide rights accordingly.
  • User-Friendly: The software is easy to operate and is very user friendly.

Our software is fully web based real time application for multi state credit cooperative society, multi branch credit cooperative society, thrift and credit society, micro finance society. The software is very much flexible and can be customized according to client’s requirement. The most important is like you can get various accounting reports, those are the backbone of such society’s means to manage the money flow and will keep an eye on various aspects of your Company and can make the most accurate supervision and calculation of them.

Thus Sahakaar is a step towards enhancing customer convenience through anywhere and anytime banking.

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